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Sandalwood + Amber

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Sandalwood + Amber is warm, creamy and velvety. It is ideal of a creating a cozy and sophisticated ambiance.


Fragrance Notes: Sandalwood, Leather, Amber, Tonka Bean

infused with patchouli essential oils

frequently asked questions

Each wax melt clamshell has the ability to last a couple of months. I personally use 1-2 squares at a time and I reuse them for approximately 2-3 weeks or until the fragrance begins to dull.

Please allow between 7-10 days for order fulfillment and shipping.

Customer Reviews

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Debra Harthoorn
Enjoying every scent!

I just received my second order. I honestly can’t say enough about how wonderful these candles are. They are clean burning and the fragrances make every room in my house smell so inviting & warm.
I’m enjoying every season of Ari’Scents Candles.
Thank you!