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Mango + Coconut Milk

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Kapalua Sunset has a special place in my heart. This fragrance takes me back to our first trip to Hawaii. My husband Ricardo and I took a trip to Maui to be a part of our best friend, Jordan's, surprise proposal to his now wife, Madison. He proposed to her overlooking the beautiful sunset at Kapalua Bay. This candle takes me back to that moment, every time! 

This candle smells tropical and fruity, just like your dream beach vacation!

Fragrance Notes: Pineapple, Orange, Mango, Peach & Coconut Milk



frequently asked questions

Each wax melt clamshell has the ability to last a couple of months. I personally use 1-2 squares at a time and I reuse them for approximately 2-3 weeks or until the fragrance begins to dull.

Please allow between 7-10 days for order fulfillment and shipping.

Customer Reviews

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Alexa Fowler

I haven’t lit this one yet but I can’t get enough of this!!! It smells so good even just in the box. She truly does such an amazing job and is such a beautiful person!!! You won’t regret your purchase for your home


This scent smells so good and I love the fact it is non toxic. I have a little one and animals. which they have a bad reaction to a name brand of candles (B&BW) and I have not burned a candle since. Iam so glad my neighbor recommended these to me. I can smell the scent the whole time it is burning.


I love how clean these candles are. I feel sometimes cleaner ingredient or wax candles can smell good, but then barely smell when burning. That is NOT the case with these candles. They are amazing! They smell so precise as the description and are so clean smelling and burning. My neighbor even said she could smell it from outside. So lucky to have found these candles!

Lindsey Allsup

This has to be my favorite candle of all time. I love all of the fragrance notes. The scent is so refreshing to me, being both tropical and clean. I always have a candle burning in our home and have tried a ton of different brands and there is no other candle that beats Ari'scents! They burn so well, last a long time and smell so amazing! You'll want to get a lifetime supply of these candles, I promise!

Jordan Plaza

Kapalua Sunset holds a special place on my heart. Close your eyes and imagine standing cliff side on Kapalua Bay in Maui. This candle is so fresh and clean! It’s the perfect touch the a clean home! 10/10 candle!