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Coffee + Sweet Cream

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The combination of coffee + sweet cream in this candle creates a warm and inviting ambiance, perfect for setting a cozy and comforting mood in any space. Whether you are looking to enhance a relaxing evening or create a pleasant atmosphere for socializing, the coffee + sweet cream candle provides a sensory experience that is both familiar and indulgent.

Fragrance Notes: Coffee, Vanilla, Milk, Amaretto, Amber

infused with Clove, Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang essential oils


frequently asked questions

Each wax melt clamshell has the ability to last a couple of months. I personally use 1-2 squares at a time and I reuse them for approximately 2-3 weeks or until the fragrance begins to dull.

Please allow between 7-10 days for order fulfillment and shipping.

Customer Reviews

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This candle truly smells like a good cup of cafecito light notes of coffee in fill the air! candle burns even

Lindsey Allsup
So cozy!

This candle!! OMG!!! I love this candle all year round and burn it in my home constantly. It remind me of a sipping on a warm vanilla latte. You can also smell hints of coconut which is my fav scent, hazelnut and maple. Not too sweet, just the perfect scent to make your family and guests feel warm and welcome!