Candle Care

Candle care is important to ensure the quality and life of your candle. I do my part in making your candles clean, non-toxic, with the ability to burn clean, and have a fantastic fragrance throw. But it does not end with me! Here are some tips you follow to ensure you have a long lasting and clean burning candle experience. 

First and foremost, safety first. Open flames can be dangerous so please never leave your candle unattended. 

  • Prior to lighting your candle, and while burning it, avoid putting your candle near drafts, vents, or any sort of air current. Not only is this dangerous, but you will also notice smoke or soot being released from your candle. No one likes black jars or walls! 
  • Your first burn is probably the most important one. Burn your candle for 4 hours, or until the wax melt pool reaches the edges of the candle jar. Not doing so can cause your candle to tunnel. Tunneling is when the candle burns down the middle and wax is left all around the edges of the jar. 
  • Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. This will ensure a clean burn every time, it will avoid a large flame and soot. 
  • ALWAYS, I mean, ALWAYS trim your wick prior to lighting your candles. Your cotton wick should be trimmed to 1/4 inch. Not trimming your wick causes carbon build up and that is how you end up with a large flame, black candle wax, and black candle jar. 
  • If your candle is burning and you notice soot or a high flame, extinguish the flame, trim the wick, and relight it.
  • Never leave your candle unattended or within the reach of children or pets.