Cotton Wick

  • Lead-free, flat braided pure cotton wick
  • Our cotton wicks give you an even and consistent burn thanks to their ability to curl naturally
  • Our wicks have a natural wax coating
  • Although our candles are properly wicked, you will experience mushrooming in your wick which makes it extremely important for you to TRIM YOUR WICK prior to every burn.

What goes into your candle?

Aside from a whole lot of love?!

  • Your candle is hand poured by me using all natural soy wax. Soy wax burns cleaner, and slower allowing your candle to last longer. This candle wax is vegan, gluten free, toxin free, and made from renewable sources in the USA.
  • I use blends of essential oils + fragrance oils that are non-toxic, free of carcinogens, phthalates and parabens!
  • Your candle jars can be repurposed once your candle is finished. I've seen people repurpose them as cups, vases, pencil holders, home decor, toiletry jars, I mean, the list goes on!


  • I create every single label for your candles, I also place each label by hand. Every step of creating your candle is done with so much detail. I love knowing you will receive a candle that I created with so much love, and enthusiasm. At Ari'Scents Candle Co every detail matters.
  • Something about a minimalist candle to compliment the aesthetic of a home makes me so happy! But it does not end there, you have the ability to customize your own candle label. This is perfect for any gift or special occassion! So, lets get to making!