Why Ari’Scents Candle Co?

I have always loved anything aromatic, candles being my number one choice. Maybe its the flame, the slow releasing fragrance, the endless fragrance options, or just the overall ambiance of a candle. I was the person that stood in lines at Bath & Body Works. I would order hundreds of dollars worth of candles on Bath & Body Works Candle Day. You can say its a slight obsession of mine. 

I had always heard about candles being “toxic” or bad for you to breathe. I never looked into it, a part of me didn’t want to believe it so I ignored it.

In 2021 I became pregnant with my now 8-month-old son. Being a first time mom I read the books, the articles, the ingredients, everything. I researched anything that could be harmful to my health or my growing baby. Naturally I was scared of my own shadow because I wanted to do everything right. I decided to look into the candles I was burning. I learned that most store-bought candles (i.e. Target, Hobby Lobby, Bath & Body Works) made their candles with paraffin and toxic fragrances. I read on the Bath & Body Works website that their ingredients could pose birth defects to unborn babies. I was traumatized as I was reading this and burning one of their candles in our living room. Paraffin is used in most of these candles because paraffin wax is cheap, convenient, easy to use and will provide great scent throw. What people don’t realize is that Paraffin is petroleum based and creates highly toxic benzene and toluene when burned. That is what you, your little ones, your family, and pets are inhaling when burning these candles.

Within the next few days, I returned about 20 candles that I purchased on Candle Day. I was devastated because I LOVE candles. However, this was so much bigger than my candle obsession. I began researching natural ways of making our home smell good and I learned a lot about candle making. I decided to embark on this journey to create my own candles for our home. I fell in love with the process and results very quickly. Here I am now, giving you the same experience I looked for.  

I guarantee that every candle I make I create it with love and intention. I want you to know that you are burning a clean and well performing product. I know what it is like to work hard for your money, and I am truly grateful you chose me. With that being said, if you ever have any issues or questions about your product, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can email me, send me a private message on Instagram or text me. My phone number is linked to my Instagram account. Again, thank you for choosing me!