"Every candle I have ever purchased is amazing. I’ve never had a candle that makes the whole house smell like these do! They’re one of a kind and I recommend these candles to every person I know. These Beautiful candles make such a great gift too! Thanks for making the best smelling and gorgeous candles ever, they make my home smell like home!"

- Brooke

"These candles are by far my favorite . They are made with essential oils, which I know is much healthier to burn in my home . They are made with so much thought and care."


  • Meet the maker

    Meet the maker

        Hi friends! My name is Ariana Altamirano, I am from Valley Springs, California. I am married and have one baby boy, Matias. My husband and our son are...

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  • Why Ari’Scents Candle Co?

    Why Ari’Scents Candle Co?

    I have always loved anything aromatic, candles being my number one choice. Maybe its the flame, the slow releasing fragrance, the endless fragrance options, or just the overall ambiance of...

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